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"THE BOX" - series of performances


The series of BOX-performances took place in 2018-2019 at Putki-festival in Fiskars, Das Klubbe-event at Pori and Exquisite corps-event at Espoo. Beauty, fear and dark humor are aesthetic factors, that my alias, Susikustaa (wolf Kustaa) deals within these performances. Intensive audience contact, dramaturgy of surprises and visual aesthetics are in place as Susikustaa streams his mind in performances, that are build in a dialogue with the audience attached to time and space. Susikustaa is a character that was born out of my childhood fear for wear wolfs, a fear I finally conquered at a performance, when I first morphed as Susikustaa. 


Performance at Putki-festival, Fiskars

THE BOX - Exquisite corps 

Performance at Espoo City Theatre

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