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Installation at SAMK, Kankaapää art school gallery

Materials: Idea, hemp, brush steel

The installation is 350 cm high, 100 cm wide and 100 cm deep.

The installation dries out slowly.


Hemp is a multi-gender plant. Gender essay approaches the relationship of gender, a term that is itself polarized and thus problematic, to our modern society. 100% Stamen and pistil plants together with different mixes that have features of both genders form the population that grows harmoniously together. In Gender essay- installation the hemp plants from my field form an upside down hanging circle, an analog gender spectrum, that doesn’t divide one sex from another. The roots are similar and intertwined, pointing towards the future.


I believe that as the collective civilization develops, we will be ashamed of our time, when, instead of gender diversity, we stuff unique individuals into two narrow gender categories.


Gender Essay is part of a series of works in progress, in which I write essay texts on topics that are important to me and build related space- and time-bound works in different mediums.

Gender essay, installation by Aapo Korkeaoja
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