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"Kuulen askelia"


Kuulen askelia is a spatial  audio-installation built at Poriginal gallery upstairs, Pori, Finland 

Nov 27-Dec 28.2021

Materials: audiotrack with a musical theme and autobiographic stories, hemp plants, brush steel, leafs, chairs


I started working with a melody in my mind. This song, the theme of the installation I call Tueslabelle, was the lead I followed when sorting the puzzle of the rest of the installation aesthetics: spatial, tactile, visual, auditive and so on.

Beauty in mind

I don't really like things that are made beautiful and often find more attraction in obscure, broken or natural rather than something that is made to be.  

I ended up working with fiber hemp, a dear plant and material to me, homegrown on my ecological farm back in Kokemäki. This co-incided well with the storyline, that started to take form and move from a political context  into something more personal and narrative.

The original idea of writing essays and making referential installations, turned into telling stories that had infused some of the ideas behind my essay-topics but mostly based on my personal history and values I carry.


These were the materials for a story-installation.

I have developed a stream of conscious based vocal script writing method I call Speech scripting  (puheella käsikirjoittaminen). This I used when telling the stories, which are all improvised, recorded on one go and not at all rehearsed.

To start with, when recording each of the seven stories,  I had an idea, something I let go and flow.

The stories are staged on a desert, in my subconsciousness, where I continue an endless walk and meet the characters of my past, future and imagination. Many of them are of my personal history incarnated in a form of a  young man, that walks by and wants to share his story.


The physical installation, which is built using different sorts of hemp plants, is a reflection of my subconsciousness: the desert, the jungle and an obscure rotating center piece.

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